Women Who Make a Diffference

May 12th, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day!

To everyone who reads this who is a mother, know that you are giving the greatest gift to another human being, unconditional LOVE. To everyone who is reading this who has a mother, so unless you were hatched, I mean you… take a moment and thank your mother for all of her love and wisdom that she has given to you whether or not she is still with you. She will hear you even if she is in spirit.

This is my Mom Helena Baughman and I was blessed to spend the day with her.

Every day is a gift, Stay present in the moment.

My Mom Helena

My Mom Helena

Kudos to the YWCA of Bucks County for honoring Women Who Make a Difference!!!

I had the honor and pleasure of presenting two of Bucks County’s Treasures to the more than 300 individuals who attended the YWCA Awards ceremony May 9th, 2013.

Heidi Volpe

Heidi and Beth

Heidi and Beth

Holy Redeemer Health System chose to honor a woman that I could not live without. Heidi Volpe is an amazing nurse, mother, daughter, friend and is the administrator who not only successfully runs the Bott Cancer Center but is the queen of community outreach and simply cares about every aspect of our cancer program!!

Heidi was joined by her father at the award ceremony and was surrounded by patients and friends from the HCF. She sits on the HCF board as the Holy Redeemer representative.

Mary Lou Gilmour

Beth and Mary Lou

Beth and Mary Lou

The Healing consciousness Foundation honored Mary Lou Gilmour as a woman who makes a difference in so many of our patients lives.

Mary Lou is an energy practitioner who provides healing services for our breast cancer patients. She is a vital link to healing from breast cancer and anything that life has thrown at someone. I can physically remove a cancer, but Mary Lou energetically creates the path for healing.

She is humble, exudes love and is absolutely a woman who makes a difference with every breath she takes. I am, so blessed to have her working with us through the HCF.

And lastly, I am humbled and honored to have been inducted into Drexel University’s Alumni society The Drexel 100 on May 4th 2013. The Drexel 100 class of 2013 was a pretty amazing group of individuals, I am proud to be one of them.

Janet works for the alumni office and as the day progressed, she realized that I had performed surgery on one of her very dear friends!!

Beth and Janet

Janet and Beth

Drexel 100 Medal

Drexel 100 Medal

It’s A Wonderful Life!

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