Our Surrounding Community in Haiti


The fresh water provided to the town by Double Harvest


Deb and her little friend



The Bank in the town


Dean and his buddy from the town. He walked with Dean arm iin arm for the 45 minutes we were there. His left arm had to hold his pants up as they were several sizes too big


This is the house of the man brings the steers outside of our compound daily


The girls are so cute and loved hanging around with us


Ivan made friends with this man and he invited us to see his house above


Craig jammed in the church that lost it’s roof in the earthquake


Dean’s buddy never left his side. They could not communicate with language but true friendship transcends that!


The sunset sky


Who would think that two strong willed surgeons could coexist and absolutely THRIVE in Haiti! WE can because we have the best TEAM


Bedtime big day in the OR tomorrow


3 thoughts on “Our Surrounding Community in Haiti

  1. We are shoveling out from 12 inches of snow and now 6 more inches are coming before tomorrow morningContinue to heal……….Lov U,Sally   

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