Double Harvest Sewing Seeds of Life


At Double Harvest Haiti, Blue Sky Surgical was able to find a home in Haiti.


The Medical Clinic

Sowing seeds

Signed by the TEAMS that have come before us

There are 64 individual stories that I could share about the people we operated upon. Each individuals journey is compelling and many stories are heart wrenching. For each of the people who were fortunate enough to have surgery this week whether life saving or life changing, there were countless others that we evaluated that we were unable to help.

The children we could not help

A young boy with a cutaneous venous malformation that we are unable to remove.

A tongue issue we could not help

A young child with a cyst of the tongue

Some surgeries were beyond our capabilities and others were ones that require surgical sub-specialties that may come to Double Harvest in the future. It still breaks my heart when we had to turn them away. We can tried to arrange for an evaluation with a team of specialists in the future.

There is always hope and it is so beautifully illustrated but the story of Daniel Smith. Tony created opportunities for Daniel’s life to change in a way that he never thought possible. Daniel is the future of Haiti, he just needed the helping (healing) hand from his USA family. He visited Dr. Tony this week as Tony has changed the course of Daniels life for ever.

You can read about his journey in the Philadelphia Inquirer.


Daniel before his jaw surgery


Daniel after surgery and his guardian angel Dr. Tony
Making a difference one patient at a time

It is the demeanor of the Haitians that is so special. Their eyes are soulful and with a simple glance, they can see directly into your soul.

Our patients may have been monetarily or materially poor, but they are all spiritually wealthy beyond belief. Over and over again this week patients would awaken from anesthesia and say  “May God Bless you and your TEAM”, “ May God bless your hands” and they truly meant it.

 Just take a look at a snapshot of the amazing people of Haiti.

A happy patient Heria patient who spent the night Showering in the street USA preop Dress in her best fro surgery Strabismus family cindy loo hoo Soulful Eyes tude Darius  Balance A different kind of balance in their life Yvons brother visits

For those of you have never received an email from me then you do not know my favorite quote. For those of you who do receive emails then bare with me again.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” Gandhi

Our future is in the hands of our youth


Dr. Peter Pierrot

Our future

Cate , Craig and Dean

Service is something that many individuals begin late in life. Cal sat in the “circle of trust” meeting our last evening and said that he had wished he had started serving earlier in life. I believe he served our country when he served in the military. (Although it was his job at the time, he chose to protect and serve our nation.)  He was particularly touched by his logistics work with Dean and Craig and the medical service of Cate and Dr. Peter. He sees  our youth as the future of change for Haiti and the world. (He loves the rest of us a respects our service, but he knows that serving on our surgical mission trip in Haiti is Life changing for our children )

Dean the man of few words

The earlier we engage our children  and help them to understand that we are all connected as souls on this journey of life traveling together, the earlier they will see what it means to serve. Despite living in different countries with different backgrounds we are all connected. In the USA we are blessed to be living in a country where you can receive treatment for an incarcerated hernia regardless of your ability to pay just by showing up in an emergency room. Remember Dr. Coletta’s first day in Haiti.  Tony, having been in the right place at the right time, kept a woman and her five children from being fatherless. (I call that divine intervention)

I feel blessed that Tony invited me to share in his passion for Haiti. I know that it was very hard for him to trust anyone else with the surgical care of the people that he loves so dearly.  My life, as well as all of my TEAM members lives, are richer because of these mission trips. Now my youngest son’s life will be forever changed. It is hard to believe that this years trip was more than last years trip, but we just keep working toward what Dr. Sauter has called HAITIAN SHIBUMI.

The seamless perfection of care for those in need



I wish I could report that our trip home was uneventful, but it was not to be so. On our flight from Port au Prince to Miami, there was a call for medical professionals. Simultaneously Tony, John, myself and another surgeon rang our call bells. An elderly gentle man with known end stage cancer arrested in the bathroom. Unfortunately despite our collective best efforts, he passed over into spirit. His wife and daughter were with him on the plane.

It was a vivid reminder that every moment in life is precious and we all need to remember this one small detail.

Be present in the moment as that is what you are guaranteed, none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

We can change the world one person at a time.

Peter and our three young TEAM members are our future. The seasoned veterans will all return to Haiti when we can.

 “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”


Be the change

The necklace that I wore on our mission trip and the motto I live by!

Your passion my not take you to Haiti or even outside of your community. The reality is that you have a choice. You can be part of the problem or become part of the “SOULtion”.

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life,

It’s about what you INSPIRE others to do”

If you want to support our effort you can reach out to me at and I will let you know how you can support our future efforts

My hope is that Blue Sky Surgical mission trip Inspires you to make a difference in the world.


Our gift from God on our uneventful flight from Miami to Philadelphia

3 thoughts on “Double Harvest Sewing Seeds of Life

  1. I can’t help but notice, that even with all the surgical needs for all the above patients. Every one of them have a beautiful, happy, loving, appreciative, genuine look in their eyes even though they are facing these difficulties.
    Also, I loved that your son signed his comment “Life changing experience” on Valentines Day!!! You were all certainly sharing the love:)
    Simply Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for a beautiful account of our trip this past week, Beth. My great honor to serve the Haitian people. Our Double Harvest partners have it right in focusing on sustainable agriculture and enterprise while supporting the rebirth of the Haitian medical community. Best wishes to all!

  2. you continue to inspire me, lead me to better and are a gift as a friend. Thank you Beth for serving (and Dean) and making our space on this earth that much more compassionate and loving!

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