The Bees are Buzzing

Checking the hive

Checking the hive

The winter of 2014-2015 was particularly hard on the bee population in Pennsylvania. As a backyard beekeeper, I was saddened when I checked my hives in March to find that only a very small number of bees had survived. I did in fact order new bees as I was not convinced that my bees would make it through the winter.

In February, through a Facebook synchronicity, my friend Steve was intrigued by the bee boxes in direct view from my kitchen window. He was introduced to a new bee keeping technology created by Flow Hive a company out of Australia who created a technology to harvest honey without disturbing the honey making process. It has the potential to revolutionize the honey industry.

We went on line for the companies pitch to get funding for their start up and with in a few hours not only did they raise the 70 K they were looking fro but raised millions for their endeavor. Happy to report that Steve and I were in the early wave of investors and my Flow Hive is in transit from Australia as I type.

Backyard bee keeping has many advantages for the individual bee keeper as well as the planet. Having your own supply of local honey is advantageous for those with seasonal allergies. A tsp per day during the high pollen season can help alleviate the seasonal allergies. ( Not working so well today form my son who is working in the yard, but he has not been taking the tsp of honey daily.)

Stay tuned to the Buzz for updates on this years honey.

Sweet Dreams!!

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One thought on “The Bees are Buzzing

  1. HI Beth:)
    Love reading your posts.!!! I have one question…Is there anything you don’t do ? haha
    Love and Light

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