Dr. Beth DuPree, FACS, ABOIM

Dr. DuPree strongly urges her patients to integrate healing therapies, whether it is through clinical psychological therapy, spiritual assistance, grief counseling, exercise programs, reflexology, nutritional counseling, Reiki, Yoga, or massage. In fact, she herself is a Master-Level Reiki practitioner. Dr. DuPree believes that “whatever it takes to help a person find healing and peace within should be an integral part of their treatment process.” Dr DuPree serves as the Medical Director of The Oncology Service line for Northern Arizona Healthcare. She is an Adjunct Assistant professor of Surgery at The University of Pennsylvania and has participated in breast fellowship education and training for the past decade. She is a board certified general surgeon specializing in Diseases of the Breast and is also board certified in integrative medicine.

This energetic, witty mother of two sons has won numerous awards for her medical work as well as her humanitarian endeavors. Additionally, Dr. DuPree was given the Clara Barton Humanitarian Award from the American Red Cross for her ongoing contributions to the treatment of breast cancer in 2002, the Visions of Hope Award from Astra Zeneca in December, 2002, the Northampton Township Citizen of the Month in February, 2003, Women Pioneering the Future Award from the Pennsylvania Commission for Women in March, 2003, the Bucks Women Fund Award in March of 2007 and the “Tristate Team Survivor” achievement award October 2007, and was boomer.com baby boomer of the month January 2008. In 2013 Dr. DuPree was voted the first BeWell Philly Health Hero for her work in promoting healthy lifestyles as well as being inducted into The Drexel 100 and University of Pittsburgh Athletic Hall of Fame.

Because of her strong dedication to patients with cancer, Dr. DuPree established a non-profit organization called The Healing Consciousness Foundation in 2007. The foundation funds education, holistic healing and wellness therapies for women and men living with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Dr. DuPree, who received her medical degree from Hahnemann University in 1987, has written a book entitled The Healing Consciousness: A Doctor’s Journey to Healing. It is the true story of her journey as a surgeon who awakens to the healer that resides within her. The first edition was released in 2006 and in 2008, the second edition printing includes transcribed spiritual messages. Proceeds from the book are donated to The Healing Consciousness Foundation.

A native of York, Pennsylvania, Dr. DuPree lives in Sedona Arizona with her husband Joe. Dr. DuPree credits her accomplishments to her family’s constant support.

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